Grace has a wealth of experience in the efficient planning of weddings in Romantic Italy...

...not only, she has matured various skills from fashion design, real estate, PR and event manager to offer a range of services and experience on a international level to accommodate the diversity to all clients, producing events of all kinds, from private affairs, to large scale cooperate events. Not an easy road to walk where efficiency and transparency are often an afterthought in all fields.

But perhaps even more important than experience to a bride and groom is Graces sense of identification with the emotionally charged act of committing your LIFE to another human being.  She understands the beauty, the passion and the gravity of the marriage ritual that transcends culture.  

The Italians say: 'sentire a pelle una persona': get a positive vibe of whom you are called upon to trust. In the initial consultation the fact that Grace knows what she is doing will be immediately evident. You will get that Grace understands from the heart the magnitude of your dream. An American expat, she brings a gentle efficiency to the romance drenched Italian culture.

GRACE will help you identify the most efficient and delightful choice possible within your budget to make your dream day of commitment the best that it can be.

Grace brings a kindness,a loving spirit and a joyful quality to everything she does. She is a person of great individual depth and character....these are above all  the traits that make wedding planning not only an affordable process but one that will linger in the hearts of everyone involved for years to come!

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