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Italy is a universal symbol of love, poetry and romance. Her timeless cultural and historical elegance makes it a perfect location for your destination wedding.

Every city and region of Italy has an original characteristic and an unequaled charm. Among them however, the Ligurian region must be singled out with its Italian Riviera, the Gulf of Poets, the Cinque Terre, small unique coastal towns carved in the mountain sides, one more spectacular than the other, with breathtaking views from every angle of the Mediterranean Sea.

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This coordination package provides professional wedding day management and last minute planning assistance.

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We can help you find the perfect locations and venues for your wedding and any additional events surrounding your celebrations. 


We have many villas and prestigious apartments to put at your disposal during your stay. To you the choice.


My personal knowledge and experience in processing your documentation you can rest assured that, when it comes to your wedding in Italy, everything is going to be perfect.






Grace Italian Weddings & Custom Events

Italy the symbol and essence of love, poetry and romance, her timeless elegance of culture and history makes Italy, but in particular the Gulf of Poets on the Italian Riviera in the Liguria Region, a perfect location for your destination wedding.  

The Mediterranean cuisine which is one of the healthiest and finest in the world a fountain of youth for the longevity of the Italian generations along with some beautiful cities as Genova full of museums, tourist attractions and historical locations.

The enchanted inspiration of the poets with their songs and prayers of love of centuries ago, the unique Mediterranean cuisine and the famous Via dell'amore are the combination of  "Love Pray Eat " a great movie with Julia Roberts which has a significant meaning to our territory !


After spending the last 25 years in the Ligurian Region and exploring this fantastic country from north to south, the Ligurian Region is in my opinion the most beautiful , romantic and poetic , which not by coincidence named the Poets Gulf ( Golfo dei Poeti). 

I personally married in one of the most beautiful Churches of The Gulf of Poets in Portovenere, so I know that the choice is unique and I will take the time to understand and consider exactly what you desire for your wedding day and will recommend the perfect venues that fit your style, personalitie and budget.

We will plan your poetic wedding step by step for your special day and assist you and your Family and guests.


Gulf of Poets

Cinque Terre

Italian Riviera

West Liguria

French Riviera


Langhe & Monferrato


Grace has a wealth of experience in the efficient planning of weddings in Romantic Italy...not only, she has matured various skills from fashion design, real estate, PR and event manager to offer a range of services and experience on a international level to accommodate the diversity to all clients, producing events of all kinds, from private affairs, to large scale cooperate events. Not an easy road to walk where efficiency and transparency are often an afterthought in all fields... More 



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